Deep in my thoughts

Tremble remembering the hunger I felt

When dustbins were my dining table

Cardboards my resting place

The concrete where my feet lay

Pavements my napping spot

I remember the stares I endured

Insults unnecesary yet thrown at me

I shiver remembering the cold that burnt

Deep in my memories

I will keep her kindness

The stranger who held my hand

Embraced my dirt

Gave me a warm meal

Now a place I can call home

I tremble at her kindness

Her humanity




Withered rose on black background

In my Sacred Place

Where I talk to God

Wanting to know more of him

Learning to let go of fear

Growing in His Love

That Sacred place

Is deep within my heart

Where God knows all my secrets

All my hidden thoughts

I hide in the place

Where I can hear His voice

Speaking comfort

Speaking Forgiveness

Speaking Love




I waited on the bridge for you

Thinking you will come for me

I ran away from my lover

Sent his heart over the edge

Now I wait for you to come to me

This tunnel leads to what love is

With you

Love over the bridge

Our bridge

I still wait



I watch you play your Classic Guitar

I see how magnificent your hands are

Wishing to be those strings

Those curves

That wooden panel

Curving all those musical tones

I want to be your guitar

So I never have to leave your arms

You can play me into the midnight

Strike a Chord on my heart

So we can have forever together

In your fingertips



Pleased to Meet You my future

I have a past

I have done mistakes

I have taken for granted

I have been silly

I have been annoying

I have lied

I have not loved well

I have been nosy

I feel time is calling me

I look to my past

Addressed on that letter

Is my future calling