Feed Your Senses with my scent

Feed Your Senses with my skin

Feed Your Senses with my embrace

Feed Your Senses with my touch

Feed Your Senses with my voice

Feed Your Senses with my kiss

Feed Your Senses with my heart

Your senses and mine

Intertwine like Poison Ivy





Seasonal Scents hit my nose

Singing to my nostrils

Like a song of all ages

A chance to smell the fresh fragrances

Losing myself into a smell I adore

Scents tantalize my daily thoughts

Breezing past a misted earth

The smell of rain hitting dry earth

Gives me a garsmic like sensation

Dreams of last night

All scented by possibilities of new needs

Sugar coated scents of the season

Leaves me numb with bliss



I wish to escape

To an unknown place

Where life is simple

My thoughts are tired

My mind keeps wandering

Lusting after a holiday away

Away from reality

I wish to escape

Where my mind will not think

Or thoughts disturb

Run away from reality’s obscenity

I wish to escape from my heart

So I feel the solitude I desire

Just for a moment



I experienced Pains and Gains

In a love that I thought was mine

You were never mine

Your heart belonged to someone else

You wanted mine

Yet could not give fully to it

It pained that I was not enough

Yet I had to let go

I gained your love

But it pained my heart

That I had to say goodbye