I am Aware that I hold the key

To your damned heart

Damned because of her

Her who hurt your soul

Left you not beliving in love

She damned you to the pit of loneliness

This key I hold

Will unlock your desire once again

You will learn to trust

On my bosom you will learn trust

In my kiss you will learn passion

On my laps you will learn warmth

Aware that you have not forgotten

I seek to touch where she hurt you

Heal it with my true love

Let go of the lock you have kept in your heart

Let this key open you to love




You are my whiskey

You get me drunk with your love

You make me forget

When I want to remember

You make me remember

When I want to forget

You intoxicate my thoughts

So I never have to feel angst

You are my whiskey

You sooth away exhaustions of the day

Making me numb with thoughts

You are aged, expensive

Yet I partake of your charm

Every single moment of my sobreity

My Whiskey you are





So the rain falls on my tiled roof

I can see the crystal clear

Drop of rain on my window

Sliding down its frame

How sweet would life be

If I was that raindrop





I could use a Brilliant Disguise

To hide away my pain

When no one is watching

Or listening to my cries

I could fit the tears from my eyes

In a cup full of tea

So they never know I am in pain

Disguised as laughter

I can cheer on my heartbreak

Brilliantly cover my breaking heart

With a relevant smile

They never know my hurt

Or how I got there

Simply brilliant

My disguise of happiness


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