Lukewarm waters touch my feet

As I slowly step into my bathtub

It has been a long day

I long for the carress of warm water

On my tired ankles

Knees that are weary

Waist that is tired

Chest that is exhausted

I want to immerse in this scented bath

Me and the Lukewarm water alone

Betrothed to sooth my tired embodiment

Heal me of the day’s hustle

The bustle of city sweat

Let this water cleanse weariness of body and mind

Waters flow down my neck

To my chin

End up on my tired bossom

As I soak in the bubbles

Scented bubbles of liquid Lavender

Mingled with refreshing Jasmine

Lukewarm water embrace me whole




Easy like Sunday morning

The song trembles in my heart

A Sunday like this

Is simply divine

Sunny, warm, smooth

Holding your hand gently

I fix my eye on the moment ahead

You are me personified

Sunday mornings

Are to wake up next to you

Have a lazy Sunday afternoon

Licking strawberry ice cream

Inside our favorite cafe

Then another lazy moment

In your arms late evening

It will be

Easy like Sunday evening

Green Apple


I love the tangy taste of green apples

So sweet

Yet sour

And tangy

Still sweet

Reminds me of the spring

I spent in your lovely arms

Under the apple tree orchid

Taking a bite of this apple

Takes me back to that memory

Of us sharing that green apple

Then kissing at the end of the day

Under that apple tree orchid

So sweet

Yet sour

And tangy

Still sweet

Green apples