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Blindly I grope in the dark

Trying to find you within my heart

A heart so broken and mild

It ceases to breathe on its own

Because you have left it bare

Cold and beaten

Without your embrace

To comfort it

My soul cries for you

For your love that never came

My mind keeps yearning

For that day

I will find you again



As I cut into the Center

Of the Red Velvet Cake

I saw a ring

He was on the floor

Eyes glistening

Lips smiling

Hand holding out

Marry me Clarissa

Tears in my eyes

Lips quivering

Hands clasping around the ring

I can’t

Feet took me into the street air

Heaving like I was drowning

Why did I not love him

Why could I not say yes



He wore Red Converse shoes

I watched him walk away

Knowing he left with my heart

I was unfaithful

He knew I lied

His Rhythmic heart beat now weeping

I knew chances he gave me

Were exhausted

His love had been stained by me



Let me Hideout in your heart

Your heart is my Hideout