What is my Superpower you ask

I have no Superpower

I only dream of flying in the sky

Endlessly without a care


I do have a Superpower

Writing Poetry

I write when I am happy

I write when I am angry

I write when I have no words

I write when I am broken

I write when I am uninspired

I write in my mind

I write on paper

I write on the screen

I write then I write then I write

My words are all I have



She was Only Sixteen

Baby in her arms

She looked at them

Mr and Mrs Lovely

They were to adopt her new born

Ten years she still remembers

Her baby girl

Now she deejays at the club




When writing is ingrained in your fingertips

You take it with all the Seriousness it deserves

You write not just for the sake of it


Because it is part of who you are to become



You are my whiskey

You get me drunk with your love

You make me forget

When I want to remember

You make me remember

When I want to forget

You intoxicate my thoughts

So I never have to feel angst

You are my whiskey

You sooth away exhaustions of the day

Making me numb with thoughts

You are aged, expensive

Yet I partake of your charm

Every single moment of my sobreity

My Whiskey you are




Seasonal Scents hit my nose

Singing to my nostrils

Like a song of all ages

A chance to smell the fresh fragrances

Losing myself into a smell I adore

Scents tantalize my daily thoughts

Breezing past a misted earth

The smell of rain hitting dry earth

Gives me a garsmic like sensation

Dreams of last night

All scented by possibilities of new needs

Sugar coated scents of the season

Leaves me numb with bliss