Coffee Date


The fresh aroma of freshly brewed Coffee

Wafting into my nostrils

Tantalizing my taste buds

I want to put this hot Coffee mug

On my waiting lips

Then I look up

You are smiling at me

That curved cute smile that plays on your lips

Can’t help but smile back at you

I have waited for this coffee date

Four years, seven days

I sat at this Cafe

Stealing glances when you walked in

Everyday you ordered the same cup

A Caffee Latte with extra milk

To go with your Raspberry Muffin

So I sat and watched you leave

Staring down at my own Mug

Yet here we are

On our first Coffee date


Your Name


I like to hear the Sound

Of your name

Ringing in my ears

When strangers call you

When I call you

Your name sounds poetic

Sliding down my throat like icecream

On a hot summer’s night

Your name I adore

Your name I live for

Your name is perfect

Love the sound of your name

I want to hear it forever

I want to give you my name too

So that together it sounds more perfect


Locked into each other

So marry me darling

Let me own your name for eternity

So I don’t get jealous

When someone else calls your name



At the very least let me love you now

Tomorrow knows no certainty

Your brokenness gives me strength

As you masculinity weakens my emotions

Learning to love without regret

Has been my journey with you thus far

Whistles of the night calm my loneliness

As the kiss of your soul serenades me

Expectations of my heart are at peace

For tomorrow you shall love me



Love is the feeling

Love is a beautiful song

Love is what I feel with you

It keeps me and you strong

Whenever you

Hold me in your embrace


Those sweet silky words

Pouring into my soul

That needs your attention

Love is like

A Silhouette Nairobi sunset

It is drinking in

Your masculine scent

That throws away

My resolve to stay away

The tantalizing feel of your lips

Draws me into you

I will still love you at Fifty



Can’t Get it Out of My Head

Your obsession with my orgasm

Headphones on

I listen to country rock

Your song

Stuck in my head

Like your heart to mine

Can’t Get it Out of My Head

Your obsession with my kiss

Headphones on

I hear our lyrics

Our song

Stuck in my mind

Like your lips to mine