You are a Blur

A dream of the night

A fantasy of the mornin’

You came like a flood

Into my life

Then poof

You were gone

Before my heart could skip its beat

Or my mind understand fact

You moved too fast

Left me wailing your loss

Like a blurry image in traffic

I saw you leave me

I still dream of you, you know





“You are my purple Valentine”

Staring at the note

She sat on that purple couch

Knowing she had no right

To wait for him to come

He belonged to another

She did not ask to fall in love with a married man

Her heart would not listen to her mind

He was unhappy with his wife

He would soon leave her to come in her arms

Five Valentines she waited

This sixth one she still sat

On that purple couch waiting




In a loveless kiss

Bridging a madness

Of longing dreams

A bridge filled

With a fog of regret

It is my life

In black and white