She was Only Sixteen

Baby in her arms

She looked at them

Mr and Mrs Lovely

They were to adopt her new born

Ten years she still remembers

Her baby girl

Now she deejays at the club




At the very least let me love you now

Tomorrow knows no certainty

Your brokenness gives me strength

As you masculinity weakens my emotions

Learning to love without regret

Has been my journey with you thus far

Whistles of the night calm my loneliness

As the kiss of your soul serenades me

Expectations of my heart are at peace

For tomorrow you shall love me



Love is the feeling

Love is a beautiful song

Love is what I feel with you

It keeps me and you strong

Whenever you

Hold me in your embrace


Those sweet silky words

Pouring into my soul

That needs your attention

Love is like

A Silhouette Nairobi sunset

It is drinking in

Your masculine scent

That throws away

My resolve to stay away

The tantalizing feel of your lips

Draws me into you

I will still love you at Fifty



Can’t Get it Out of My Head

Your obsession with my orgasm

Headphones on

I listen to country rock

Your song

Stuck in my head

Like your heart to mine

Can’t Get it Out of My Head

Your obsession with my kiss

Headphones on

I hear our lyrics

Our song

Stuck in my mind

Like your lips to mine



I am Aware that I hold the key

To your damned heart

Damned because of her

Her who hurt your soul

Left you not beliving in love

She damned you to the pit of loneliness

This key I hold

Will unlock your desire once again

You will learn to trust

On my bosom you will learn trust

In my kiss you will learn passion

On my laps you will learn warmth

Aware that you have not forgotten

I seek to touch where she hurt you

Heal it with my true love

Let go of the lock you have kept in your heart

Let this key open you to love