You are my whiskey

You get me drunk with your love

You make me forget

When I want to remember

You make me remember

When I want to forget

You intoxicate my thoughts

So I never have to feel angst

You are my whiskey

You sooth away exhaustions of the day

Making me numb with thoughts

You are aged, expensive

Yet I partake of your charm

Every single moment of my sobreity

My Whiskey you are



I could use a Brilliant Disguise

To hide away my pain

When no one is watching

Or listening to my cries

I could fit the tears from my eyes

In a cup full of tea

So they never know I am in pain

Disguised as laughter

I can cheer on my heartbreak

Brilliantly cover my breaking heart

With a relevant smile

They never know my hurt

Or how I got there

Simply brilliant

My disguise of happiness



Pleased to Meet You my future

I have a past

I have done mistakes

I have taken for granted

I have been silly

I have been annoying

I have lied

I have not loved well

I have been nosy

I feel time is calling me

I look to my past

Addressed on that letter

Is my future calling