He wore Red Converse shoes

I watched him walk away

Knowing he left with my heart

I was unfaithful

He knew I lied

His Rhythmic heart beat now weeping

I knew chances he gave me

Were exhausted

His love had been stained by me



What is my Superpower you ask

I have no Superpower

I only dream of flying in the sky

Endlessly without a care


I do have a Superpower

Writing Poetry

I write when I am happy

I write when I am angry

I write when I have no words

I write when I am broken

I write when I am uninspired

I write in my mind

I write on paper

I write on the screen

I write then I write then I write

My words are all I have

Green Apple


I love the tangy taste of green apples

So sweet

Yet sour

And tangy

Still sweet

Reminds me of the spring

I spent in your lovely arms

Under the apple tree orchid

Taking a bite of this apple

Takes me back to that memory

Of us sharing that green apple

Then kissing at the end of the day

Under that apple tree orchid

So sweet

Yet sour

And tangy

Still sweet

Green apples



Pleased to Meet You my future

I have a past

I have done mistakes

I have taken for granted

I have been silly

I have been annoying

I have lied

I have not loved well

I have been nosy

I feel time is calling me

I look to my past

Addressed on that letter

Is my future calling