As I cut into the Center

Of the Red Velvet Cake

I saw a ring

He was on the floor

Eyes glistening

Lips smiling

Hand holding out

Marry me Clarissa

Tears in my eyes

Lips quivering

Hands clasping around the ring

I can’t

Feet took me into the street air

Heaving like I was drowning

Why did I not love him

Why could I not say yes


Your Name


I like to hear theĀ Sound

Of your name

Ringing in my ears

When strangers call you

When I call you

Your name sounds poetic

Sliding down my throat like icecream

On a hot summer’s night

Your name I adore

Your name I live for

Your name is perfect

Love the sound of your name

I want to hear it forever

I want to give you my name too

So that together it sounds more perfect


Locked into each other

So marry me darling

Let me own your name for eternity

So I don’t get jealous

When someone else calls your name