As I cut into the Center

Of the Red Velvet Cake

I saw a ring

He was on the floor

Eyes glistening

Lips smiling

Hand holding out

Marry me Clarissa

Tears in my eyes

Lips quivering

Hands clasping around the ring

I can’t

Feet took me into the street air

Heaving like I was drowning

Why did I not love him

Why could I not say yes




You are a Blur

A dream of the night

A fantasy of the mornin’

You came like a flood

Into my life

Then poof

You were gone

Before my heart could skip its beat

Or my mind understand fact

You moved too fast

Left me wailing your loss

Like a blurry image in traffic

I saw you leave me

I still dream of you, you know




I could use a Brilliant Disguise

To hide away my pain

When no one is watching

Or listening to my cries

I could fit the tears from my eyes

In a cup full of tea

So they never know I am in pain

Disguised as laughter

I can cheer on my heartbreak

Brilliantly cover my breaking heart

With a relevant smile

They never know my hurt

Or how I got there

Simply brilliant

My disguise of happiness



I experienced Pains and Gains

In a love that I thought was mine

You were never mine

Your heart belonged to someone else

You wanted mine

Yet could not give fully to it

It pained that I was not enough

Yet I had to let go

I gained your love

But it pained my heart

That I had to say goodbye