What is my Superpower you ask

I have no Superpower

I only dream of flying in the sky

Endlessly without a care


I do have a Superpower

Writing Poetry

I write when I am happy

I write when I am angry

I write when I have no words

I write when I am broken

I write when I am uninspired

I write in my mind

I write on paper

I write on the screen

I write then I write then I write

My words are all I have




When writing is ingrained in your fingertips

You take it with all the Seriousness it deserves

You write not just for the sake of it


Because it is part of who you are to become



This Kiss

I have been waiting for

Lingering on my mind

I thought about you

Love never felt so crazy

Yet caused me to quench this thirst of you

A Kiss

I have longed for

Your heart that belongs to me

Forever I will be in your arms

This Kiss